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The convenient Time...Does it ever come?

We're 25... can't accumulate money now... we're just getting stated and we don't earn a lot yet... we're entitled to a little fun while we're young... besides we have plenty of time.

We're 35... our family is growing... our mortgage payments are high... once the children are older it will cost less... then we'll begin to invest... we can't set aside a penny now.

We're 45... two children are in college and it's all we can so to pay their expenses... it seems to be the most expensive time of our lives.

We're 55... we know we should invest, but opportunities aren't like they used to be, at our age it's tough to start a new career or find a better job... we'll have to sit tight right now and maybe something will break.

We're 65... who us... Sure investing is a great idea, but we're 65 and Social Security doesn't go far... we should have started years ago but it's too late now.

You are going to work 90,000 hours before you retire. Shouldn't you invest time to learn what to do with your earnings?